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The Break Up:
Anti-Business Course for Nutrition Coaches

Do you ever feel like you have to completely abandon your values if you want to grow your online coaching business?

"If I just used pictures of my body or diet-culture jargon I'd get more people into my program"


Or maybe you're struggling to find your unique voice because you're overwhelmed with what other coaches are doing & saying?

Or perhaps you're nervous that you won't be able to truly help your clients the way you want & the way they deserve? 


Business doesn't need to feel icky. 

 And you can create a thriving online coaching business without falling into diet-culture, using shame based marketing tactics, or any other "shoulds" of the industry. 

Introducing: The Break Up, an Anti-Business Course for Nutrition Coaches.

End your relationship with the “shoulds” of the industry & create your own unique voice inside your biz.

A self-paced course for nutrition coaches who want to feel more authentic & confident inside their business, so they can increase client results, impact & profit.

 This is a self-paced course for nutrition coaches who might feel like their “middle message” isn’t polarizing enough.

Learn how to be yourself inside your biz while delivering value, impact & results for your clients.

What we cover:

  • Leadership in the fitness industry & online space

  • "Authority" & "Professionalism" and whether they're actually beneficial for your business

  • Defining & building your business around your core values

  • Finding your own voice & unique message in the online fitness space  

  • Setting boundaries & navigating difficult client conversations

  • Developing deeper relationships & more meaningful conversations with your clients

  • Creating empowered practices around talking to your ideal client, writing copy, sales, & the onboarding process

What's included?

  • Over 10 video lessons on the above topics  

    • Content will drip out on a weekly basis in the following order:

      • Week 1: Leadership 

      • Week 2: Autonomy

      • Week 3: Communication

      • Week 4: Empowered Systems & Practices 

  • Supporting PDF materials including worksheets, journal reflections and action steps 

  • Lifetime access to all the material so you don’t need to stress about staying on someone else’s schedule 

  • Optional: A 30 minute phone call with Nicola & Sara at the end of the course to discuss course materials as they pertain to your specific business and situation 

BONUS: If you decide to sign up for our 1:1 coach mentorship, you’ll be reimbursed for the investment to this course.

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