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Biofeedback Markers to Keep Track Of On Your Fitness Journey

We don’t get our clients to track so much just for shits & giggles 🙃🙃

Though reading details about our client's bowel movements is always entertaining 💩

There are a many things that we get our clients to track for a variety of reasons:

⚡️So we actually KNOW what’s going on (macros, lifestyle, biofeedback)

⚡️So we can make adjustments, provide feedback & support

⚡️To keep track of progress, obstacles & better move towards the goal

But if you don’t have a coach, tracking these things for yourself is still SUPER helpful.

For one, it’s almost impossible for you to be impartial when it comes to yourself.

You’ve got tons of biases & you’re human - being swayed by emotions happens all the time.

💪🏼Having data can help keep things objective.

For another, you’re never going to remember all of this stuff on your own.

… Ask me what I had for dinner 2 days ago, or how my workout felt last week… I have no clue?!

💪🏼 Having data helps take the guesswork out of things & makes the reflection & assessment & progression SO much easier.

These are some of the main biofeedback markers we have our clients track:

→ stress levels + mood (mental, physical + emotional)

→ energy levels throughout the day

→ digestion (bloating, gas, bowel movements)

→ total sleep duration and quality

→ hunger (highs, lows, cravings etc.)

→ water intake / hydration

→ training/performance AND recovery/DOMS/soreness

→ menstrual cycle phase + any PMS symptoms

→ daily steps or movement targets

If you’re coaching yourself, you can absolutely pick & choose what to focus on that makes the most sense for your goal, capacity, lifestyle & needs!

And if down the road you decide you don’t want to coach yourself, you’ll have WAY more insights to bring to a coach & can jumpstart the process together!

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