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Considerations for Your 2023 Goal Setting

We've been chatting a lot with our clients about goal setting + intentions given we’re still in the realm of YeArLy RefLeCtiOns & New yEaRs GoaLz 🙃

So… we're going to go through some of our hot takes on the goal setting process

(Spoiler alert: there will be no discussion of SMART goals here, thank you v much).

Depending on your experience with New Year's Resolutions, you might be nodding or aggressively shaking your head.

But what does the research say?

Good news for those of you that love to plan things out & feel motivated by goals - yes, goal-setting does actually work ⭐️⭐️

But for those of you who don’t feel that pull towards goal-setting, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doomed, because…

Effective goal-setting isn’t super complicated 🤓

And the process can look different based on your unique personality + tendencies.

Here are some things to consider when setting your own goals:

#1 - Ensure your goals are cohesive & reinforce one another.

If you have higher, value/identity-based goals (i.e. building confidence) make sure to build on that with smaller, process-based goals that will help you move towards your greater vision.

#2 - Put yourself at the centre of these goals.

Self-referenced goals that focus on you instead of comparing yourself to peers, opponents, or standardized performance benchmarks are much more fulfilling & have higher achievement rates.

#3 - Make sure you’re excited by your goals!

Incorporate a mix of harder & "easy" goals to create exciting challenges while also generating momentum through attainable wins & successes.

#4 - Leave some room for life to happen - flexibility, baby!

Give yourself some lee-way. When motivation & self-efficacy are high, you can reach for more. When they’re low, focus on the non-negotiables

#5 - Define the efforts + consistency required for your goals.

What efforts and habits are required to achieve these goals, and is your definition of consistency something that's realistic given your timeline, capacity + lifestyle?

We're hosting a FREE workshop called WTF is Goal Setting?! on January 26th @ 7:30pm PST 🔥

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