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You Probably Don't NEED a Coach... But Here's Why You Might WANT One 👊🏼

Often times online coaches try to sell you into their programs by making you think that you need them in order to see results.

They use pain points to elicit shame, and then present their services as the solution to your "problems".

But we know that you're not a problem to be solved, and we also know that you are a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for.

We truly believe that with the amount of resources we have access to these days, you can probably do more than you think on your own.

You absolutely don’t need a coach to eat better, live fully or change your relationship to food & your body.

But here’s why you might WANT one…

⚡️ Don't have to wander alone! Having support, someone to talk to, bounce ideas off of and get feedback from can make the process more enjoyable and help you learn more along the way.

⚡️ More eyes on the big picture & day to day details. When we're in the thick of transformation, it can be difficult to stay objective towards progress. Having an outside view on the data can help direct focus even when it seems like progress is slow.

⚡️ Saves time and $$. Having a coach to help you sort through the bullshit and get to what actually works for you a lot quicker helps save you time and money in the long run. No more spending on unnecessary supplements, doing 30 day challenges that don't work long term or spending so many hours in the gym.

⚡️ Takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting the ups & downs. Again - having that second opinion and someone to offer evidence based feedback or other possible solutions can be invaluable in the process.

⚡️ Elevates the learning process. Having the information and sorting through the bullshit on social media is one thing, but learning how to APPLY that information to your specific situation is a totally other skill - and something we focus a ton on inside of coaching!

⚡️ Gives you the confidence to navigate shit on your own down the road. Our coaching is designed with the long game in mind, which means that we're not barking orders at you but instead working collaboratively to help you learn how to do the thing on your own.

⚡️… and TBH, it’s just WAY more freaking fun!

We have full faith that you can feed yourself. We know you can troubleshoot & google & figure things out on your own. But we also know that sometimes it can be WAY more enjoyable process when you’re doin’ the things together.

Why do it alone when you can have someone who’s literal job it is to be on your team & there for the ride?

If you want to explore what support in your journey could look like with one of our coaches - click here to fill out the 2 minute application. It doesn't commit you to anything, just gets the conversation started.

And if you're scrolling social media and seeing messages from coaches that you NEED their program in order to change your life - remember they just want your $$. You're a lot more capable than you think xx

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