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Are you an active woman who constantly diets (even though you know you probably shouldn't diet again) because you're sick of feeling how you're feeling?

  • Untrusting of yourself around food...

  • Uncomfortable in your clothes & body...

  • Conflicted between living your life & reaching your goals...

  • Struggling to implement your knowledge about food & exercise...

Shift is our 90-day mentorship program that helps women build the self-trust, self-awareness and knowledge required to think about food less so they can live MORE.

We work with women who want to trust themselves so they can live & eat on their own terms, without following another program or diet again.

It's time for you to live freely

SHIFT Group Mentorship

With an understanding of nutrition & training, and how they apply to your specific body, goals & lifestyle

With a healthier relationship with food, one that isn't driven by food rules, shame & guilt

Feeling closer to yourself, your purpose & your body 

You'll walk away from 90 days...


"I am more confident in my ability to make adjustments to my health goals when I need to and I am much more gentle with myself when things don't go as planned. I recognize now that we can't separate out our health and fitness from everything else in life; this program helps you integrate it all together. I am a better person because of SHIFT!" and I'm so grateful for it." - Kyra G.


"I met my goal of increasing my self-esteem. Shift provided me
with a skillset and outlook that allowed me to view myself
through different lenses. I saw incredible body composition
changes and developed new skills and habits that will allow
me to lead a healthier lifestyle."

- Megan D.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 3.08.59 PM.png

"I've created some great habits around nutrition, macro tracking and improving my relationship with food. I have started moving more again and feel like I have more energy and am overall fitter than when I started. I also lost like 16 lbs and it is the thing I'm least excited about (even though that's still amazing) because what's more exciting is that I did it without punishing myself, restricting or depriving."- Danielle D.

What's going down?

Customized Nutrition Program Based On...

  • goals

  • diet history

  • training volume & intensity 

  • lifestyle (sleep, stress, schedule etc.)

Weekly Check-Ins 

Monthly Coaching Calls (optional)

24/5 Messaging Access via Voxer

Weekly Educational Modules on various topics including:​​

  • Building Supportive Habits & Routines

  • Workout Nutrition & Supplementation

  • Meal Prep 

  • The Female Cycle & Hormones

  • Stress Management

Weekly Group Calls (optional)

Gym or Home Training Program (4-5 workouts/week, optional)

Program starts at $499/mo., more flexible payment plans available if needed

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