Your body, your mindset, your life.

We work with women who want to trust themselves so they can live & eat on their own terms, without following another program or diet again.

It's time for you to live freely

Are you an active woman who constantly diets (even though you know you probably shouldn't diet again) because you're sick of feeling how you're feeling?

Untrusting of yourself around food...

Uncomfortable in your clothes & body...

Conflicted between living your life & reaching your goals...

Struggling to implement your knowledge about food & exercise...

Shift is our 90-day mentorship program that helps women build the self-trust, self-awareness and knowledge required to think about food less so they can live MORE.

"Shift really encouraged me to start working on those major mindset shifts that accompany transformational change.


I left the program feeling confident that I can follow a sustainable and non-restrictive nutrition and exercise plan to reach my goals and that I can do it in a healthy way."

- Danielle D.

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We get it. You understand how you "should" be eating & what you "should" be doing in the gym, but that's not exactly what you ARE doing. 

There's a disconnect somewhere.

You don't need another diet. You don't need more rules. 

You need to bridge the gap between information & action, so you can finally trust yourself to live your life, without feeling trapped inside of another diet, or a body you hate.

Welcome to Shift, our 90-day mentorship program that helps women build the self-trust, self-awareness and knowledge required to think about food less so they can live MORE.

You'll walk away from 90 days....

  • With an understanding of nutrition & training, and how they apply to your specific body, goals & lifestyle

  • With a healthier relationship with food, one that isn't driven by food rules, shame & guilt

  • Feeling closer to yourself, your purpose & your body 


"I've learned that becoming your highest self is the
accumulation of small steps and actions that we take along
the way and you don't become a better version of yourself by
only focusing on your physical appearance."

- Kyra G.


"I met my goal of increasing my self-esteem. Shift provided me
with a skillset and outlook that allowed me to view myself
through different lenses. I saw incredible body composition
changes and developed new skills and habits that will allow
me to lead a healthier lifestyle."

- Megan D.

What's going down?

We use a macros based approach to help you LEARN about the food you're eating. How it makes you function & feel (inside & out), so you can make decisions that help you feel your best!

  • Customized 1-on-1 nutrition coaching with weekly check-ins 

  • 24/5 messaging access to your coach via Voxer

  • Gym or Home training program 

  • Weekly educational modules 

  • 1x per month 1-on-1 coaching call

  • 1x per week group coaching call

  • Private Facebook group with ongoing support & accountability 



In order to trust ourselves, we need to get curious about ourselves. Who do we want to be? What do we want to achieve? How is that different from who we are & what we’re doing currently? 

Here we define the processes & practices required to become the kind of person who does & has the things we’ve laid out in part 1. We look at the potential obstacles that may arise & create a plan for moving through them that works for us. 


Now that we understand the who, why, what & how, it’s go time baby! You'll leave the program feeling free to create the lifestyle, habits & body that you want to move through your life with.

Peep some of the modules here:

  • How to get your stress under control

  • How to improve & work around the female cycle 

  • Upgrading your language & self talk

  • Programming more effective workouts

  • How to periodize your nutrition to maintain a healthy metabolism & hormones 


We believe in a human-first approach to nutrition coaching. ​We understand that living a healthy & happy life is #notjustfood. What works for one woman might not work for someone else, which is why we value teaching our clients to learn how nutrition applies to their specific situation, and helping them build the self-trust to make empowering decisions, without following a diet plan or program.


So, ready to fucking go?!