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Who else feels like the fitness industry is a problematic dumpster fire, full of fatphobia & misinformation? 


We've built our business here and stay because we’re committed redefining the norm, and making a difference to raise the standard for both clients & other coaches.

We’ve all had our own unique experiences navigating health, wellness & nutrition in & for our bodies. And through that work & self-discovery, our passion to support others has and continues to grow every single day.


We’re always working to recognize our privilege in this space & provide the type of leadership we find lacking in the industry. We work with athletes, weekend warriors, moms, coaches, caregivers and other heart-centred women in helping them create meaningful lives & businesses that honour them at the centre.

Our goal is to help our clients navigate their own nutrition or business - so they can figure out where & how they want to exist, and help create the lives that support their big & bold dreams - whatever they may be!

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Nicola Spencer, BSc., PNL1

Nicola has always had a way of making people feel seen, heard, and comfortable being themselves. A nurturer at heart, she's always doing everything she can to make sure those around her are taken care of. 

But not without their own effort. Inside her coaching, she creates a beautiful space for clients to get curious about who they are, who they want to be, and how to get there.


Nic knows full well that you already have everything you need inside you, sometimes it just takes some compassion & a little love tap to help you realize it.

A feminist & social advocate - she's constantly challenging us & the industry to move away from traditional tactics and towards deeper connection, understanding and humanity.

Whether you're working with her on your nutrition or inside the coach mentorship, you can rest assured she's got your best interest at heart, and will be walking with you every step of the way.

“As a nurturer, I view my coaching as a support system - a cozy space for you to show up however you need. We each have our own unique & valid experiences. I believe in using those experiences to inform & create a unique path & process that makes sense for your needs. Whether that means looking at things from all angles & setting a plan or simply going with the flow, is up to you. I’ll be your hype girl - here for your highs, lows & all the weirdness in between!” - Nicola

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Sara Codd, MSc., PNL1

Sara’s goal has always been to raise the standard of coaching & break through the BS that the health & fitness industry was built on. 


She does this through her work with clients as she helps them become the strongest versions of themselves - both in the gym & in their lives. Empowering them to trust themselves to navigate their own nutrition in ways aligned with their needs, goals & core values.


As a leader, she is a visionary & can see the big picture, even when others can’t. She welcomes new ideas & encourages her clients to dream big & work hard for their goals. She provides feedback in ways that encourage growth & offer pause for reflection.


She is a take no shit, oreo-obsessed, lover of heavy barbells.

 "Being a coach or navigating your nutrition is a lot more than just the money you make or what you're putting in your mouth. Whatever is going on in your life, I want to know about it. As a coach, I provide a space for you to open up about whatever barriers you're facing - mental or physical. I'll help point out your blind spots, define your highest self and hold you to showing up as her/him. We'll celebrate the shit outta your wins, and find strategies to navigate your obstacles." - Sara

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Helping you create a way of eating 

that supports & nourishesyour

best self.



For coaches looking to build an authentic + leadership-based

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