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The Curious Coach: A Mentorship for
Human-Centred Nutrition Coaches

So you're sitting there with a handful of certifications...

You see the online nutrition space littered with diet culture, and all the biz coaches telling you to do xyz if you want to "be successful" - as if they know what successful even means to you.

But they don't know anything about nutrition, and don't understand the negative effects that diet culture, pain points & shame based marketing has on your potential clients.

Business doesn't need to feel icky. You don't need to abandon your core values in order to get people signed up for your programs. 

You CAN build a business & coach with your values at the centre. And that's what we're here for! 

Helping other coaches raise the standard in nutrition coaching.


We want to help you step into your leadership, show up for your clients on a deeper level, and design a business with your core values as the guide.

Our mentorship is for coaches wanting to feel more authentic & confident in their coaching & business.


"My business has been pretty successful, but I've always had this feeling that something was missing. I felt a pull towards coaching my clients with compassion, empathy and authenticity.. But that's not what we typically see in the fitness industry. To step outside of the norm felt scary. Nicola and Sara helped me find a way to incorporate these values into my coaching space without losing value in my services."- Dallyn D.


"Oh my goodness, I could literally not imagine a better investment as I formalized the structure of my business this year. The group calls and topics built such a solid foundation and the ability to choose the topics most helpful for the 2:1 calls meant I could dive deeper into the ones that were most applicable and touch on new topics that were not necessarily applicable to the rest of the group. Sara and Nicola are so knowledgeable and thoughtful about all they shared, and I feel so much more confident building my coaching business up from here." - Lou L.

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"My business is changing in many ways with the help of the program. Some of the biggest being in the way I approach client conversations and create boundaries for both myself, the client, and just overall within the business. I have felt supported by being able to be open and vulnerable and have a space to share. All of the topics covered were super helpful and the 2:1 calls were great to go over things in more detail and get some specific actions to take." 

- Morgan R.


Coaches need coaches

We all know the value of having a coach - hell we wouldn't be doing what we do if we didn't! And when it comes to your coaching business, having someone there for support, education and growth is invaluable. 

The fitness industry has a way of making coaches feel like they need to look, say and do certain things in order to be successful. Lots of which involve using "pain points" to get clients, maintaining a specific physique and avoiding difficult conversations because it "has nothing to do with health & fitness".

But none of that is leadership, and that's definitely not what we're about here. Our coach mentorship program is a container for the coach who is sick of fitness industry BS and ready to:

  • connect on a deeper level with their clients

  • become a more effective coach and leader

  • create a business that feels more like them and less like what they've been told they need to be

What's going down?

4-month program

4 x 60 minute Calls with Sara and Nicola (1 monthly)

  • Customized to where you're at in your business and what kind of support you need.

  • Example topics include creating launch plans, creating new offers, working on social strategy, handling difficult conversations with clients etc.

24/5 Messaging Access via Voxer (24 hr response time) to ask questions & get feedback



Additional resources, worksheets & education to support your growth & learning

A one-on-two mentorship designed to help you discover your leadership & integrate
your core values & passion for coaching into a thriving & balanced biz

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